We Deliver Right & Fast

Experienced & Qualified Tower Internals Supplier

We are specialized in internals total solutions with turnkey services & fast delivery.

Kit-set: A set of Internals items for each sectional work


We ship items at optimized loading plan. It enables to send a maximum unit of items at once & securely.

Glocalized Warehousing

We operate globally located warehouses and rotate stocks between them for emergency use.

Vendor Management Inventory

We manage stocks in supplier warehouse & send items upon customer’s request.

Right & Fast Delivery

Technical Support

Proven Records

We started with tower internal sales and has been growing up as kit-set sales go up over the last 2 years. We reached 60% of total sales in kit-set sales.

Experience with global turbine & tower manufacturers

Many global manufacturers such as SIEMENS, VESTAS, GE, SANY have chosen us as a wind tower internals supplier.